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When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees.

Creating a buzz at BUUR

When it comes to designing restaurant lighting, especially when it’s an all day eatery that has to easily transition from day to night from a busy brunch space into a cozy dinner joint, there is much to be considered.

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Enhancing lifestyles!

Lighting controls are part of a high-quality energy-efficient lighting system that integrates daylight and electric light sources to provide a comfortable and visually interesting environment for the occupants of a space.

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DHCP Roller Coaster – The Storm

Lighting is an integral part of every project, but often lighting stays in the background, creating an ambience, and providing sufficient illumination for tasks or just for visibility. At ‘The Storm’, Dubai’s first of its kind indoor rollercoaster, lighting takes the centre stage. Lighting was used to mimic severe weather conditions such as thunderstorms, lightning etc. besides regular illumination. Lighting was also used to create special effects such as images of Fireworks, various shapes and the UAE National Flag.

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Seeing animals in the right light!

In the mid-nineties, a project brought me to the Middle East. Seeing the city in the throes of a massive construction boom, I took the plunge and relocated from the UK, seeking a piece of the action. Three decades later, I’ve witnessed and participated in the city’s phenomenal growth. Our portfolio represents this journey. Included in it are projects of every scale and dimension, some of which are Iconic. Initially palaces, residences and villas were our mainstays, and later came the hotels, hospitals and schools. And as UAE’s awe inspiring growth continued, our projects lists included some trailblazing structures like The Opus, Dubai Frame, and Capital Gate to name a few.

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Food under the spotlight!

Nowadays lighting control is no more an optional system for restaurants. In fact, it is critical to ensuring a successful lighting scheme. With control systems becoming more affordable, they are no more the luxury they once were and should be the foremost priority for food outlets.

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