Creating a buzz at BUUR

Creating a buzz at BUUR

July 2022,

When it comes to designing restaurant lighting, especially when it’s an all day eatery that has to easily transition from day to night from a busy brunch space into a cozy dinner joint, there is much to be considered.

At BUUR, the new all day brunch and dining place on JBR, TeamCreation joined the clients and owners in designing the lighting of the large space. What was great about putting all heads together is we could thrash out the best possible solutions in the shortest possible time. The client described the concept, Creation offered different lighting and fixture solutions resulting in instant approvals helping us to tailor make the entire project within the prescribed limits. What was delivered was a complete lighting solution from concept design to sourcing and customising fixtures and installing the lighting controls.

Creating a buzz at BUUR

Client: BUUR Contractor: Arco Group

In Dubai, the newly opened BUUR, an all day brunch and dining restaurant at the JBR, ‘Pavilion at the Beach’ boasts a 300-seat capacity across a two-story dining hall, an elegant bar and a shisha lounge. The indoor space opens out to an air-conditioned terrace replete with greenery offering a superb al fresco experience.

The Brief

BUUR is a restaurant brand of German origin. Creation was asked to provide a lighting and automation solution that matched the vision of BUUR’s German origin. The brief was to provide a complete turnkey solution for both Lighting (including decorative elements) and Controls. They wanted to create an exciting regal space that served authentic German food that defined the hospitality of their land in the midst of a pulsating neighbourhood of Dubai. The menu includes their own take on Middle Eastern and Continental comfort food.

The Scope

Leading contracting group Arco retained Creation to supply a turnkey solution for both lightings (incl. decorative elements) and controls including testing and commissioning of controls. In all, the two-storey restaurant features a 273sqm ground floor and the first floor of 238sqm. “We have been working very closely with Arco for the last few years. Given the nature and tight deadline of the project, Arco entrusted us with the contract given our track record of successfully executing challenging jobs on time,” says Mr Dharmendra Patel, MD, Creation. The entire project was divided into outdoor and indoor dining areas on the ground and first floor, the Show Kitchen, the DJ space and a Bar. Different lighting strategies that play with light and shadow to invoke different moods were implemented. The ambient, task and accent lighting were used strategically in order to achieve the desired experience.

The Lighting

“We were required to customize light fixtures and ensure the project remained within the specified budget. Selections of lighting fixtures were made after detailed meetings and discussions with the client and project management team.

The client elaborated on the broad criteria for selection. Finally, the teams decided on lights for general illumination such as ceiling suspended or surface mounted fixtures; Linear lights (flexible/rigid) that are used both for illumination and accent lighting and some unique and customized light fittings for decorative lighting. We settled for locally sourced fixtures due to stringent project timelines as customization was required based on client specification and special site conditions,” reveals Mr. Dharmendra Patel.

The Controls

Light wise, customising the mood and experience, was a core aspect of the project. The client wanted every dining area to have dimming capability and specific scene settings to be programmable for different times and events. They wanted the controls to be easy to use so that the staff can also adjust these settings on-the-fly based on the mood they want the diners to experience. “Every light fixture can be controlled via a central Touchpad device integrating all the DALI and Phase dimming fixtures of the restaurant. All architectural fixtures are DALI dimmable while the decorative fixtures are phase dimmable. Helvar (from the UK) devices were used to achieve the integrated automation solution for the project,” concludes Mr. Dharmendra Patel.

Stop light pollution

Check your restaurant for light pollution. Whenever people look in the direction of a bright source of light, sometimes coming from outside, their eyes need to adjust back when they turn their heads to look elsewhere. This can be uncomfortable. Consider ways to reduce this to improve comfort.
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