DHCP Roller Coaster – The Storm

DHCP Roller Coaster – The Storm

May 2022,

Lighting is an integral part of every project, but often lighting stays in the background, creating an ambience, and providing sufficient illumination for tasks or just for visibility. At ‘The Storm’, Dubai’s first of its kind indoor rollercoaster, lighting takes the centre stage. Lighting was used to mimic severe weather conditions such as thunderstorms, lightning etc. besides regular illumination. Lighting was also used to create special effects such as images of Fireworks, various shapes and the UAE National Flag.

Challenges spur us to give our best, and, especially for critical requirements, such as replicating lighting effects, we brainstormed and gave multiple options to the client. We are always ready to go the extra mile in ensuring the success of a project.

DHCP Roller Coaster- The Storm

Client: Emaar Entertainment
Engineering consultant: Cundall
Contractor: Alec + ALEMCO
Lighting control system supply and programming: Creation Gulf

Imagine yourself on a roller coaster as it slowly climbs up higher and higher. And once you have reached a height of 50 meters, you are hurtling down, covering 50 meters in just 5 seconds. It doesn’t end there. You free fall into an epic mega storm with top class cinematic effects. You are the storm chaser.

Welcome to ‘The Storm‘, the stunning storm chasing roller coaster set inside the Dubai Hills Mall, the fastest indoor roller coaster in the world. Creation is proud to be associated with the project through the scope of Supply, Testing and Commissioning of Lighting Control Systems. The client is Emaar Entertainment and the lighting design was provided by Cundall

Since it was a challenging project where lighting played an important role, Creation, right from the beginning, worked closely with the design and engineering teams to deliver the best experience to the riders. According to Mr. Dharmendra Patel, MD, Creation Gulf, “Our brief was to use dynamic lighting effects on the façade. Using products from Pharos Architectural Controls, we presented multiple options for lightning effects in terms of colours, speed, and density, since it is the most important effect in replicating a storm.”

Creation provided a system capable of creating multiple effects simultaneously in different areas. The two main parts of the system in the interior areas were the Programmable RGB Linear Fixture installed on the wall, as well as the RGBW Pixel String which was integrated into the track itself. Although each element was independent and with its own set of effects, it was critical that all these elements were synchronized with each other to achieve the desired intent. This was made possible through the timeline based programming available with Pharos Controls.

The major solution used was the Lighting Player Controller which allows for the building of dynamic, precise and tailored lighting effects. The Video Lighting Controller provides expert capabilities for large LED pixel arrays. The EDN (Ethernet Data Node) 20 was used for DMX distribution throughout the project, while the Remote Input Output (RIO) 80 provides a convenient and scalable interface unit for volt free relay contact from the rollercoaster. Various products from Helvar were used to control the non-DMX elements on the project. Furthermore, various accessories from the Artistic Licence were used in the project as well. 

Mr. Patel added, “Due to site conditions and final fixture selections, there were changes needed in our system based on the new wiring requirements. This was achieved by combining the flexibility of Pharos Controls with the wide array of accessories available from Artistic License.”

Mark de Gruyter for Pharos Architectural Controls said: “The Storm is an impressive engineering feat, that offers rollercoaster fans a truly special experience. An important part of the theatre of the ride is the lighting, creating effects that offer an all-encompassing ethereal rollercoaster. Pharos’ control solutions were integral to the success of this, and we know that Creation Gulf can be confident in the system designed and delivered using our award-winning portfolio.”

Go with Central Controls

A Centralized controller can regulate and manage all of the Audio, Video and Lighting devices in the roller coaster system. A touch-based control panel can initiate configurable macros that can launch audio and video messaging, lighting routines and more. This keeps the operations simplified while creating a great experience for the guest.
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