Going Guest Centric!

Going Guest Centric!

January 2022,

Managing a hotel environment is a demanding task. Guest expectations have to be managed with extraordinary accommodation and superlative service being a given. The graces and comforts of exceptional living and delivering a 5 star experience should be inconspicuous but available impromptu. In upgrading levels of service, technology comes to the rescue. And hotels now depend on it to further enhance guest comfort. Machines in the background now ensure that the temperature is optimum, the lighting is right and the mini-bar is fully stocked. Tech enables valet and room service to be made available at the touch of a button. And all this is to be accomplished behind the scenes without the guest even being aware of it. Our latest project- The Hyatt Centric is a case study in itself. Creation was called in to set up a state of the art Guestroom Lighting Control System with energy saving for a 173 room Hyatt property, and needless to say that we lived up to the expectations once again.

Going Guest Centric

Client – Wasl Properties
Consultant – VX Studio
Main Contractor – Ssangyong
MEP Contractor – Elemec Electromechanical Contracting LLC
Lighting Designer – Studio Lumen

Hyatt Centric Hotel is a 5 star lifestyle brand located in Jumeirah 1 District, La Mer Waterfront Beach area. This luxurious hotel building has 7 floors above ground and two basement floors. The hotel has a capacity of 173 keys, which includes 125 king-size rooms, 26 VIP rooms and a VIP suite room, among others.

Full-service hotels provide guest accommodation and amenities 24/7, so their room controls must be “up” all day and all night, as well. That means the hotelier needs instant and constant reporting from room devices and building-wide networks to maintain comfort and convenience for their guests, from temperature and lighting to electronic lock control to calls for service. The challenge is to deliver full service that delights the guest and performs efficiently.

In the hospitality world, saving on overheads is key to building a better bottom line. Heating, cooling and lighting represent a big chunk of that overhead. Honeywell is the industry leader in providing efficient energy management solutions for the hospitality industry; their systems can scale to any property, and are available in technologies that range from standalone to multi-building.

Creation is the regional partner for Honeywell’s INNCOM Guest Room Management Systems in the region and was retained for the supply, installation, testing & commissioning of the GRMS for this new lavish property.

What was needed

“As official representatives for Honeywell in the region, we sketched out custom program requirements based on the type of Room/Suite and the Client’s preferences, inline with the 5 Star standards as per the DTCM guidelines, the Hyatt brand standards, and the Client’s (Al Wasl) requirements,” reveals Mr. Dharmendra Patel, MD. Creation. The project brief entailed proposing a system that had a lower initial investment cost that was still able to offer core benefits of energy savings. A fully networked GRMS was not required. The Client’s/Consultant’s initial requirement was primarily centered on having a Lighting control system inside the Guestrooms to increase guest satisfaction. But going a step further and using Door sensors and PIR sensors within the Rooms, our solution also provided energy savings as a value addition.

What was delivered

Finally, what the GRMS included was,
  • Lighting Control: 0-10V Dimming Control & On/Off Lighting Control including specific scene settings through interfacing with 3rd Party Switches.
  • Control of Guest Amenities: Do not Disturb feature & Doorbell Chime integration. (The pressing of the DND button, disables the bell chime).
  • Guest Occupancy Detection: Detecting Guest Presence using intelligent Door sensors & PIR sensors to render energy savings in Lighting for the Hotel.
  • Volt-Free integration with 3rd Party HVAC Thermostat and sharing of Room Occupancy status to the Thermostat to enable HVAC energy savings. Based on Door sensor + PIR sensor combination and integration with the 3rd party HVAC thermostat, a gross savings of 20%-30% is projected. Further energy savings can be obtained with networked system with PMS integration.

Owing to the de-centralised and modular characteristics of the system, additional features can be added in a cost-effective way and integrated into the existing system. For e.g., If a networked and monitored GRMS is required at a later stage, this can easily be achieved by using the Deep Mesh architecture of Inncom which requires only outside corridor access, thereby avoiding any disturbance to the guestrooms.

The project was challenging given its size, scale and scope. Close coordination with multiple parties and quick solutions based on feedback received during project execution has ensured Team Creation remained on track right through.

Smart GRMS – Clear Vision

Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) and technological innovations have changed the way man interacts with his environment. The hotel industry has to mirror this change. Now Individual hotels must determine how they want to customise their guest experiences given the vast choice available to them. They must assess their clientele, the kind of guests that they currently attract and the particular type of guests that they would like to cater to in the future before determining the GRMS system they would install.
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