Optio’s Perfect Optics

Optio’s Perfect Optics

In the lighting world, Turkish brand Lamp 83 is known as a champion of “Human Centric Lighting’ committed towards creating the healthiest artificial lighting system suitable for the human body.

According to a global report from Markets and Markets, the world market for human centric lighting has leaped from $810 million in 2019 to touch over $3655 million in 2024 growing at 35.2%.

Creation’s decade-long association with Lamp 83 is based on their firm commitment to building an environment that revolves around creating comfortable surroundings that enhance well-being and comfort.

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Optio’s Perfect Optics

Lamp 83 Optio - Giris

Lamp 83‘s newest line OPTIO is no different. Ensuring minimal disturbance to the eyes, elegance in its lines, conservativeness in the use of energy, and versatility in its function, OPTIO is another winner, in Lamp 83’s arsenal of user-friendly luminaires.

When well-renowned Turkish Lighting Designer and founder of ON/OFF Lighting Design & Consultancy, Ali Berkman was called in to outfit a special hotel project in Istanbul with a suitable lighting plan, he wanted a fixture with specific features from a new technology linear lighting luminaire.

So the Lamp 83 and Ali Berkman’s design team set off to work, and thus was born a state-of-the-art luminaire that ticked all the boxes in the lighting designer’s wishlist.

“Our design teams set out to create an invisible light source, that reflected soft and controlled lighting with no glare and which delivered a high light output efficiency at a low energy cost. The outcome of this collaboration was Optio, our newest line of luminaires,” reveals Mr. Niyazi Avcı, Manager – Sales and Marketing, Lamp 83.

Optio is a lighting luminaire, which has a perfect optic combined with all electronic options that offer complete control over the light source.

Designed for illuminating general areas Optio is a glare-free luminaire whose light source is almost invisible catering to both DALI and Casambi protocols.

“Depending on the quantities needed, any RAL code can be made available, as well as light and dark wooden color options. The minimal glare effect provided by special optical lenses, different body and mounting types such as recessed, pendant mounted and for lamellas… all these features meet in one genuine solution, perfect for illuminating general areas by defined functions and parameters with almost all electronic features thanks to high-end LED and optic control technology,” says Mr. Zafer Kızıltaş, Officer – Export Back Office, Lamp 83.


Linear Fact

Few know that Linear lights were earlier used mainly in Industrial spaces, which needed lighting that could illuminate large areas. When the efficiency of this design was recognised, linear lighting grew in popularity and found mainstream acceptance.

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