A shining new star in Sharjah!

A shining new star in Sharjah!

November 2021,

Nowadays, a shopping mall isn’t just a place to buy things. It’s a carefully crafted destination that delivers an experience, one that appeals to the eyes and the heart. Central to creating this ambience is great lighting and at the core of great lighting is excellent control systems & mechanisms. 

As the retail industry is a fast-moving environment with shops changing every so often, it is important to have a flexible solution that can adapt accordingly. This advantage is best offered by fully addressable systems. Once this type of system is installed, if the preset scenes and groupings need changing, then all one has to do is re-programme the lighting controls system. There is no need for new wiring or need for additional hardware.

A shining new star in Sharjah!

Client: Lulu Group International
Consultant: Design International
Contractor: GECO

Malls are the new playgrounds of life- Sharjah Central is the latest addition in the Emirate. Promising the entire gamut of shopping, leisure, dining and events, this 15,700 sq m mall has a 3,500 sq m food court and 11 movie screens with hundreds of shops! 

To deliver a memorable retail experience at a mall, the environment you create should be welcoming and engaging – and the right light is essential. From a façade that draws visitors in, to well-lit public areas and easy navigation, well controlled lighting has a positive impact on both visitors and employees alike. It helps to reduce costs through daylight harvesting and motion sensors and makes the space a sustainable one.

Creation was brought in to supply, test and commission the lighting control systems at the newly opened Sharjah Central Mall.

Pharos Controls was the obvious choice of Creation for the sophisticated DMX controls required for this stunning project. Our long standing relations with GECO- the MEP contractor, formed a formidable team to execute and deliver a world class solution.” explains Mr. Dharmendra Patel, MD, Creation Gulf.

“After initial discussions with the client Lulu Group and designers Design International UK, we demonstrated how a fully integrated combination of Pharos Controls + Artistic Licence + Helvar is an ideal solution for this project meeting all its design intent.” he elaborates.

At Sharjah Central, Creation’s lighting controls division managed the Common Areas, Landscape, and Façade. The requirement was quite complex, especially for a mall. “There are many dynamic elements being controlled by DMX which have to work in unison with the DALI and non-dimmable lighting elements. Furthermore, the requirement called for some unique effects and lighting shows as well. After a year of hard work and smart work, we were able to pull off a successful execution of the project and have one more satisfied customer in our portfolio” says Mr. Patel.

Well lit façade serve many functions. They lend a building its unique identity by creating an inspiring visual experience that attracts visitors and stimulates commerce and tourism. And intelligent lighting control makes it possible for the operator to change and manage light shows for holidays and special occasions.

At Sharjah Central, the entire front face of the mall is a dynamic media façade where pixel mapped LEDs are used to create eye catching effects.

It’s twinkling lights makes it quite the striking landmark it deserves to become.

Create experience through lighting

Set the scene for customers entering boutiques, shopping centers, and strip malls by turning their shopping trip into a destination experience. Create scenes to automatically adjust lighting at different times of the day, including open, close, and after hours.

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