Get set for the World’s Greatest Show!

Get set for the World’s Greatest Show!

October 2021,

The greatest show on earth- Dubai Expo 2020 has opened its doors on 1st October 2021! 191 nations converge in the city to discover, understand and address some of the world’s most urgent challenges.

It’s been a pleasure and privilege to be associated with the largest event ever to be hosted in the city and play a small part in ensuring Dubai puts its best foot forward.

Get set for the World’s Greatest Show!

Celebrating the best in lighting design

Creation has had a busy few months working on many of the prestigious pavilions within the Dubai Expo 2020. Our projects have seen us team up with many leading companies in providing solutions so that Expo clients and designers achieve their design intent.

For the first time in World Expo history, every participating country will have its own pavilion, offering immersive cultural experiences leading one to discover what makes each country unique as you explore hundreds of pavilions.

The range and complexity of work executed has to be seen to be appreciated and each project has been different and called upon varied levels of expertise. Here is a round up!

The DP World FLOW Pavilion is a content-rich visitor experience giving people a unique insight into the world of global trade. Across the five floors of the Pavilion (four public galleries and a private Executive Floor for invited guests), the story of DP World and how it enables global trade will unfold in colourful and compelling detail. 

The architecture of the building is designed to create a public visitor journey that flows from the fourth to the first floor. Three of the floors are inspired by the themes of EXPO 2020 – Mobility, Opportunity and Sustainability – all of which are naturally and intrinsically linked with the story of DP World. Each floor will contain interactive experiences and galleries designed to educate, enthuse, and inspire people about how trade impacts their everyday lives and DP World’s role as a global enabler.

The Solution:

At the DP Pavilion Team Creation supplied the Pharos Controls Video Lighting Controller 500 (256,000 channels eDMX) and Ethernet Data Node 20 (1 + 1 Ethernet, 20 DMX/RDM).

The Pharos Video Lighting Controller is scalable from 25,600 channels up to a massive 768,000 channels! The extremely advanced controller allows you to control every pixel and create a map of your fixtures to create a Pharos Trigger. The system is flexible, reliable, offers high definition and allows remote management.

Vision Pavilion

Contractor: Triangle Power Solutions

Creation worked once again with Triangle on the unique solution for Facade Lighting Controls. Triangle supplied the Pixel controlled Facade lights for which Creation provided VLC based control system

The Solution:

We supplied the Pharos Lighting Playback Controller 1 (512 channels DMX/eDMX); VLC 250 Video Lighting Controller 250 (128,000 channels eDMX); EDN 10 Ethernet Data Node 10; Ethernet, 10 (DMX/RDM); Ethernet Data Node 20, and Artistic Licence’s six channel DMX splitter for their sturdiness and reliability.

Accenture Expo

Contractor: Light Link

As Expo 2020 Dubai’s official Digital Services Partner, Accenture’s key objective was to implement technology solutions to create a truly immersive visitor experience to capture the world’s imagination. The aim was to create a window for the world to learn about Expo 2020.

Bringing Expo’s story to life for millions around the world was pivotal. So Accenture developed Expo 2020’s visitor-facing digital channels, including the official mobile app and virtual assistant.

The Solution:

Creation installed Helvar Light Control solutions as specified by Light Link and they included the DALI Router with Dual DALI Subnet and One DMX Subnet; Single Channel Mains Dimmable Module’ PIR Sensor; Multisensor (PIR + Daylight) and the Control Plate.

Expo Live – Third Act

Architect: Archidentity
Consultant: Next Engineering Consultants
Lighting Designer: Steffano D’alloso
Contractors: ALEC FitoutAllied Vision 

The Expo Live Pavilion will inspire millions of visitors as a global centre of social innovation at The World’s Greatest Show.

Expo Live Pavilion in Expo 2020 Dubai’s Opportunity District will showcase the social innovators, supported by Expo Live, who are having a measurable impact on people’s lives across the world.

A human-focused experience,‘The Good Place’ was designed by Ahmad Abdulrahman Bukhash, founder of Dubai architecture practice Archidentity and a UAE national – a point of pride for Expo Live, Expo 2020 and the UAE.

As part of the “third act” section, creation is controlling over 1,300 individually addressed LED lights which are installed in the shape of the world map. Additionally, Creation had to control multiple pixels controlled linear fixtures as well

The Solution:

Creation has worked with ALEC and their group companies on a number of projects. Seeing the complexity of controls required, they retained Creation’s services to supply, test and commission the lighting control for this project.

For Expo Live-Third Act, Creation fitted multiple Pharos LPCs (Lighting Playback Controller) which is an award-winning, all-in-one control solution for themed entertainment and LED lighting installations. It features individually controllable and independently running timelines and scenes, letting you build dynamic, precise, fully customisable pre-programmed lighting effects with the freedom of real-time manual overrides and the versatility of powerful show control and integration features.

Angola Pavilion 

Contractor: Arco Group

Bringing to the international platform the Angola Pavilion pays a tribute to indigenous tradition and the future of innovation. Be inspired by Sona geometry, an ancient art of sand drawings that was used to transfer knowledge for generations and revisit traditional wisdom in innovative ways to rethink local and global problems.

Architect Nascimento, Toso and Acuto, has created a meeting and connecting space with interactive elements and avant-garde museography which will showcase the Angola Stage, Gastronomy, art gallery and Kitanda shop.

The Solution:

Creation offered a Turnkey solution of supply of Indoor and Outdoor Lighting solutions from its trusted partners like K-Lite in addition to providing Helvar’s Lighting Controls solutions.

Mexican Pavilion 

Architect: Capital Engineering 

Capital Engineering, the designers of the Mexican Pavilion have created a space which allows for a cultural discovery of the nation, its identity and the expression of its creativity.

The Mexico Pavilion will be located in the Mobility District and will have spaces that connect history, modern times and a vision of the nation’s future The pavilion will host activities, conferences and artists promoting Mexico’s lush landscapes, tourists attractions and hospitality.

The Solution:

Team Creation teamed up with Arco Group to offer a Turnkey solution for lighting ( including custom fixtures)  and controls.

Qatar Pavilion

Consultant: Aurecon
Lighting Designer: Kardorff Ingenieure
Contractor: Triangle Power Solutions

Describing the design thinking behind the Qatar Pavilion, Micael Calatrava, CEO of Calatrava International, says, “Inspiration is derived from Qatar’s national emblem to truly capture the essence and vision of the nation. The architectural gesture and structural form of the pavilion, which houses the entire visitor experience, mirrors the shape of the dhow and its grand sails. The sculptural monument at the entrance of the pavilion represents an abstract translation and fusion of two intertwined palm trees, while the reflective pools and integrated water features surrounding the pavilion represent the Arabian Gulf which encompasses the nation of Qatar,” he says.

The Solution:

Creation was retained to supply, test and commission the lighting control solutions at the Qatar Pavilion. Osram’s ecue was specified on the project and CGTL were recommended by the manufacturer to execute the job. The project was awarded through Triangle.

The E-Cue Stand-alone Engine control is designed to control large and complex projects and is a high-performance server that functions as a central control unit, to coordinate all devices and luminaires within one project. Other products to go along with this solution included the Two-Universe DMX and RDM Interface; the e: bus Interface for Glass Touch; a Single DALI line interface; the Button Touch and a 5-Port SYMPL Switch Node.

Exterior Lighting

Pathway lights, deck lighting and outdoor step lights can all be used for task lighting outdoors. Ensure your fixtures are sturdy and can withstand rough weather and always make sure it is specifically identified as outdoor lighting.
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