Designed to thrill!

Designed to thrill!

While there is some degree of uniqueness in every project we handle, occasionally, we come across a project that stretches the boundaries of lighting technology. The Manchester City Challenge incorporates, besides conventional lighting, elements that call for generating a real-life interactive experience for fans of Manchester City. The interactions go beyond a competitive test of skill; it is a journey through football culture.

Everything had to be in sync with Manchester City’s color and theme to give football fans as close to a real-life experience as possible. This necessarily involved frequent brainstorming among all stakeholders to come up with creative solutions to best achieve the requirements. 

Designed to thrill!

Client: Aldar Properties
Lighting Designer: ILM BCN
Contractors: Al Tayer Stocks
Consultant: Media Pro Exhibition

Manchester City Challenge is an interactive entertainment destination presented by Manchester City, the reigning English and European Champions, located at Yas mall in Abu Dhabi. The place empowers football fans to immerse themselves in everything football, specifically Manchester City Club.

The range of activities include engaging in competitive challenges against your favorite football stars, stepping into the dressing room, walking the player tunnel, relishing the trophy hall, engaging with lifelike wax figures, exploring the historic kits dating back to 1884 etc.

Creation Gulf was tasked with the supply of lighting, and control systems including testing and commissioning. The task included close coordination with the design team to provide the most suitable solution on the project. The requirement was for providing a high-quality lighting solution aligning with Manchester City color scheme and theme.

The requirement was for two seamlessly integrated systems:
  • A specialized DMX system for dynamic control of lights, creating eye-catching effects, and achieving pixel control.
  • An architectural dimming system for the control of architectural and functional lights.

The complete system is automated based on timer with provision for an override through the Master PC. The entire space was divided into lighting for façade, ticketing, retail and gaming zone. Dynamic lighting feature was provided on façade and staircase/escalator while a mix of RGB and white lighting was provided for interior.

Some of the major products used in the project include elements from Oneeightyone, Neko, and Enigma.

The project was challenging due to its unique nature. Close, creative collaboration with the Consultant, Lighting Designer and Contractor helped to evolve optimal solution at every stage.

Principles in Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting design is concerned with the design of lighting systems within the built environment, both exterior and interior. The goal of architectural lighting design is to harmonize the art and science of lighting, aiming to evoke a mood, generate visual interest, and enhance the overall experience of a space or place, all while meeting technical and safety requirements. The three main principles in architectural lighting include aesthetics, function and efficiency. Aesthetics involves among other things, placing lighting fixtures appropriately to accentuate the space being illuminated. Functionality is important such as the ambient light of a restaurant plus being able to read the menu. Efficiency is the combination of energy saving and sustainable fixtures.
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