Enigma- On Track

Enigma- On Track

October 2023,

Our nearly five years of partnership with Enigma Lighting has been a resounding success. As a leading supplier of light fittings and equipment, the brand excels in its design, superior quality, and suitability for a wide range of applications.

The company produces and stocks an extensive range of competitively priced, well-engineered light fittings designed for the retail, workplace, and leisure markets. This enables us to meet strict deadlines of both time and budget, making the brand the preferred choice of most customers.

We are pleased to feature Enigma’s latest launch, the Tubular 40

Enigma- On Track

Founded in 2010, Enigma Lighting UK has established itself as one of Europe’s leading commercial lighting solutions providers, supplying a wide range of light fittings and lighting equipment. They supply light fittings for rollout projects worldwide and, therefore, maintain a high level of stock for fast-track projects. They produce extensive collections of well-engineered and competitively priced fittings designed for the retail, workplace, and leisure markets.

Creation Gulf, as the exclusive Middle East partner for Enigma, offers their full and extensive range of architectural luminaires, all designed around the latest LED light sources. Enigma has the appropriate lighting solution for almost any interior environment.

Enigma offers solutions for all aspects of lighting options, including track fixings, providing you with the ability to install your track lighting solutions. A variety of track fixings are available to suit various requirements, including a range of connectors, couplers, end caps, and surface tracks to choose from, with different-sized options available for purchase.


Enigma’s latest product is the Tubular 40. This attractive track spot is available in a range of body and baffle colors, making it perfect for most environments. The inbuilt driver maintains its minimal design, while the bespoke heatsink housing ensures a long lifetime. The high-performance Lumileds LED chip and polycarbonate optics provide a range of beam angles and CCT and CRI outputs.

The various options available for Tubular 40 include black or white body color, black or gold baffle, and color temperatures of 90 CRI 2700K, 90 CRI 3000K, and 90 CRI 4000K, with beam angles of 18 and 36 degrees.

Retail Lighting Essentials

When planning for retail lighting, a balance needs to be ensured between ambient and accent lighting since too bright or too many contrasting color temperatures can overwhelm the senses. Using the right ambient lighting with just a few accents is the key. Recessed lighting, track lighting, wall-mounted fixtures and even decorative ceiling lights can be used to create an inviting ambiance. Lumen output can be used to brighten up the darkest corner of the store and create an inviting atmosphere. Also, the correct color temperature can create either a warm or cold environment and affect how products are displayed.
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