Shine Bright: Innovative Lighting Solution for Level Shoes

Shine Bright: Innovative Lighting Solution for Level Shoes

November 2023,

When it comes to shop lighting, the physical appearance of the fixture is as important as its features. When crafting a lighting solution, decisions need to be made regarding various options, including recessed lighting, pendants, under-cabinet lighting, wall wash lights, sconces, and task lighting, among others. It’s crucial to consider how a fixture will fit into the overall context and what impact it will have on the environment.

Furthermore, creating glare-free workspaces is a complex task that requires careful attention. The lighting should provide uniformity and accurately present the items in the shop in their true colours – another aspect that necessitates meticulous examination.

Ultimately, effective shop lighting is all about inspiring the desire to purchase. With proper illumination, it’s possible to envelop the customer in a pleasant ambiance, compelling them to make a purchase, which is the ultimate goal.


Level Shoes – Dubai Mall

Client: Chaloub Group
Consultant: 3d- Consultants

You want to get Level with shoes then Level Shoes at The Dubai Mall is the ultimate destination. Since 2012, this much loved homegrown brand from Chalhoub Group, is holding no stops in redefining footwear shopping. Level Shoe District is the world’s largest shoe store located at the heart of The Dubai Mall, housing 350 brands and 40 boutiques in a 96000 square feet curated space.

Like any successful retail store, Level Shoes recognized the importance of periodically refreshing their interior to maintain their brand’s value. After celebrating its 10th anniversary, Level Shoes embarked on a comprehensive refurbishment project. Spearheaded by 3D consultants, the new store was designed to embody some of Dubai’s defining qualities: contemporary design, dynamic technology, and progress.

Exploring Creative Illumination

3d-consultants delegated Creation Gulf the task of crafting a uniform high quality lighting solution that would transform the ‘Trends section’ of the store. “We closely associated with Austrian brand- Zumtobel and used Zumtobel VIVO II fixtures with customised curved tracks for the project,” reveals Mr. Dharmendra Patel, MD, Creation Gulf.

The newly upgraded VIVO II spotlight is among Zumtobel’s most sought-after retail lighting solutions. With a new LED chip and innovative reflector technology, it delivers exceptionally brilliant light with minimal stray light losses onto the merchandise, ensuring an impressive first impression on customers. It also boasts an optimal driver and spotlight design, outstanding color rendition, and high lumen output.

Meeting the project’s design requirements and managing the customization was somewhat challenging, mainly due to the use of non-standard, custom curved tracks. However, as always, Creation Gulf rose to the occasion and successfully devised a timely and suitable solution.

View shoes at the right angle.

For accent lighting in a shoe store, it’s recommended to use a narrow beam angle. A general guideline is to use a lighting angle of 24 degrees for illuminating standard shoe racks and 38 degrees for lower-level shoe racks.
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