Lighting up Chic Nonna

Lighting up Chic Nonna

November 2023,

At Chic Nonna, Dubai’s latest Italian restaurant, the food is authentic, the look is timeless and yet it’s about creating a modern urban feel. Needless to say, the lighting fixtures have to exude all this and more.

Creation Gulf customised Chic Nonna’s decorative lighting fixtures to match the client’s specifications. When it’s a restaurant as premium as this, there is no room for compromise. Clear cut communication is key as are approvals at every stage.

After all, not all fixtures are made equal. Some are classic, some sleek, some contemporary and some retro. To lend Chic Nonna its unique appeal, we made high-mounting crystal and glass chandeliers, wall sconces, floor lamps, and battery-powered table lamps with included multi charging docks. These were customised from shop drawings created from reference pictures and dimensions that depicted the designer’s intent.

Lighting up Chic Nonna

Client: DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre)
Design consultant: LW Design
Contractor: BW Interiors

Chic Nonna Dubai, the newly opened two-storey Italian osteria gourmet and lounge restaurant located in Dubai’s DIFC, is a one of a kind space where Italian culinary heritage marries Dubai’s cosmopolitanism. 

Designed by LW Design Group, Chic Nonna is all about creating a feel of timelessness within a modern urban atmosphere circled around authentic Italian cuisine.

The Elite Touch!

“Team Creation supplied the decorative lights for the Show Kitchen, Dining Area (indoor and outdoor), DJ Booth, and Lounge Bar to amplify the modern Italian theme of the space. These included high-mounting crystal and glass chandeliers, wall sconces, floor lamps, suspended and battery-powered table lamps with multi charging docks,” reveals Mr. Dharmendra Patel, MD, Creation Gulf Trading. 

The fixtures were entirely customized to match the client’s brief and intent. Creation developed engineering drawings and specifications, making sure that the finish and details matched the theme and materials of the restaurant while working with the designer in fine-tuning the specifications according to manufacturing standards.

It’s all about the Detail!

Communication was important in order to ensure that the designer and client’s intent on the custom decorative fixtures was achieved. “Material samples were provided for approval. Attention to detail was key in order to come up with a high quality product matching the client’s detailed requirements while also adhering to the strict timeline of the project,” concludes Mr. Patel.

Define ‘Whom’ the lights will shine for!

To deliver the complete visual experience of dining the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is important in a restaurant, as it reveals the true colour of the food on the plate. The highest CRI is 100, and the minimum required for restaurant lighting is 80, but it would be better to opt for lights with a CRI greater than 90.

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