The Story of Creation’s 25 years journey

The Story of Creation’s 25 years journey

August 2023,

25 years ago, Creation took birth in the form of Polaron Gulf, a small company with big dreams.

Since then, it has been such a splendid and exquisite journey for all of us. A journey, not just of a company, but the anniversary of a family that grew strong together, that worked hard to build a great institution. It is the people, their commitment and expertise that has made Creation what it is today.

This is also the opportune time to reflect on our past successes as well as introspect on the strategies to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

We would like to express our gratitude to all our Clients, Contractors, Consultants, Architects, and their teams with whom we shared many partnerships and shall continue to do so in future. We look forward to the coming years in making pioneering technology and solutions available to the markets we serve.

Thank you for being part of our fantastic journey


The Story of Creation’s 25 years journey 

When we honour the past, and embrace the future; then the present becomes a celebration

The story begins on August 2nd, 1998, in the dynamic and spirited city of Dubai, when a small company, Polaron Gulf took its first tentative step in the world of lighting. Polaron’s humble beginnings powered through the years with entrepreneurial drive and great enthusiasm and transformed itself to Creation Gulf Trading LLC. 

Polaron embarked on its journey with the vision of creating a long lasting and impactful stamp in the field of lighting. This involved, among others, providing cutting edge and world class solutions by establishing strong relationships with reputed lighting manufacturers, stringent quality control, focusing on reliability and aiming for customer delight. All of it laid the foundation for future success.

Soon enough, in 2007, the scorching pace of growth led to the need to expand operations and diversify the product range. It was time to take on a fresh, new identity. It thus emerged Creation Gulf Trading LLC, formed with the lofty aim of offering a comprehensive portfolio of lighting products and solutions, catering to the evolving needs of the market.

The company set on a path of continuous innovation and relentlessly focused on customer satisfaction. Right from exceptional lighting fixtures to advanced lighting control systems, Creation Gulf Trading LLC ensured that customers are able to generate captivating environments while optimising energy efficiency.

A company is only as good as the competence and potential of its employees. As Creation Gulf soared, over the years it built a team of highly skilled professionals who shared a passion for lighting. A team that has deep industry knowledge and technical expertise. No wonder the team ensured that every project was executed with utmost precision and attention to detail. Their collaborative approach and commitment to exceeding customer expectations have made Creation Gulf Trading LLC the go to company for every challenging and complex lighting requirement.

The passage of years and numerous successful projects only inspired Creation to push the boundaries of innovation. They took the lead in introducing the latest technologies, including smart lighting solutions and integrated controls, empowering clients with state-of-the-art solutions that merged aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability.

Quite deservedly, the company’s steadfast commitment to excellence earned them numerous accolades and recognition within the industry. Their projects spanned a diverse range of sectors, including commercial, residential, hospitality, and public spaces. From iconic skyscrapers and luxurious hotels to cultural landmarks and urban landscapes, Creation Gulf Trading LLC’s lighting solutions illuminated spaces across the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

25 years ago, Creation started on a journey of shaping the future and touched many lives along the way on their journey from Polaron to Creation. Today, as they look back over a legacy of two and a half decades, Creation stands tall as a leading player in the lighting industry, a feat made possible through continuous growth, cutting edge innovation, and a relentless dedication to transforming spaces through lighting.

It is a proud moment to celebrate the silver jubilee event of Creation, and, at the same time, Creation renews it commitment in bringing to life inspiring environments, keeping customer delight at the forefront of every project, and thereby leaving a long-lasting impact in the world of lighting and lighting controls. 

Luminous Illusions: Light Up & Expand

Maximise light by using floor lamps throughout the house. Create an illusion of longer ceilings by wall mounting lights around the room’s surroundings. Light up the opposite walls to make them seem further apart. Combine the lights with mirrors to create an illusion of a larger space. place the ceiling lights fairly low using pendant fixtures with closed tops to avoid illuminating light to the ceiling. Focus attention on objects placed at a lower level such as glass wall hangings positioned on the mid-walls. Dimmer switches increase the light effects and allow you to fine-tune the source as you maximise the other light sources.
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