Lighting Control Solution for Ria Restaurant and Beach Bar – The indoor-outdoor themed restaurant

Lighting Control Solution for Ria Restaurant and Beach Bar – The indoor-outdoor themed restaurant

June 2023,

Dubai’s Club Vista Mare is a buzzing zone where beach clubs, restaurants and eateries abound. It serves as a perfect ground to attract residents and tourists alike, offering superb views and excellent cuisine against the stunning backdrop of the Arabian Ocean.

Creation Gulf recently signed off on Ria Restaurant and Beach Bar- another addition to Club Vista Mare’s offerings in Palm Jumeirah.

Our experience in designing, executing and recommending the best control solutions to the amazing plethora of restaurants in the UAE is well-rounded. Our clients have come to depend on our viable solutions that are a perfect blend of value and efficiency. ”Beautiful scenes & different moods were the results of long nights of testing & commissioning before handing over the project – and all with good spirit, may we add,” is the feedback we got from Ms Andrea of LightFunc- the lighting designer on the project. Need we say more!

Ría Restaurant & Beach Bar – Club Vista Mara

Client: Addmind
Lighting Designer: Light Func
Consultant: ASA Engineering
Contractor: Multilines Electromechanical LLC

Ria Restaurant and Beach Bar, the newly opened haven at Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, offers patrons the best of sun n’ sand and sea n’ sky! Conceived as an indoor-outdoor themed restaurant with relaxed seating options, the outlet is based around Mediterranean cuisine, with an emphasis on seafood. Ria’s dining concept is centred around three main bars – the outdoor is for sunset enjoyment, and the indoor bar also offers unfettered views of the Vista Mare location and a dedicated Sushi Bar.

The interiors done up in earthy tones of beiges and terracotta are superimposed with texture and metal feature screens – both displaying artwork, creating transparent connectivity between spaces, and setting a backdrop for abundant greenery.

Lighting was to play a supporting role, in enhancing client experiences, making them feel revitalised and social when having casual get-togethers as well as elevated when having intimate dining experiences.

Lights by Design

Elaborating on the elements that contributed to drawing the perfect design plan, Andrea El Osta, Senior Designer, Client Management, LightFunc, says, “We used lighting in layers to create and facilitate visual hierarchy. Subtle glow lights were used not only to enhance material and textures on the bar fronts but also the merchandise on display and two feature walls.”

She explains lighting was also used to enhance key Interior Design elements – the use of fabric draped vertically from the ceiling over the main bar, and contrastingly horizontal waves of fabric in the main dining area became a key focal point. Diffusing light within the fabrics was a new way to create ambience. Ceilings were kept clean to Interior Design expectations with focal directional lighting being of paramount importance.

Lit-up niches enhanced the three-dimensionality of the feature walls and created flames of light on the back wall of the Sushi Bar within the joinery arches. Integrated planned lighting within the bottle displays in internal and external areas also ensured the emphasis of the merchandise on display – adding a layer of light, but also ensuring patrons could seamlessly select drinks to suit their palate.

One just needs to check out the bathrooms to understand the level of detail. The bathrooms are a typical example of where lighting and interior design worked so well together. Cantilevered wall mirrors are outlined within their arches, by the subtle placement of light–curved form is enhanced, reflected light making one feel comfortable and want to linger.

Warm colour temperatures are used throughout for an experience like no other. Low ambient environments were key – embracing the location of the project, especially the natural beauty of the sea & the beachfront.

“The final takeaway – a calm & welcoming atmosphere from the first turn onto the entrance through to the bar and restaurant, reaching the outdoor area – leaving patrons feeling relaxed and invigorated,” she says.

The Power is in the Controls

Ria Restaurant’s sprawling location offers unchallenged views of the sea. Operating from midday till the early hours of the morning, it is expected that a variety of groups and experiences would be essential. “From daylight streaming in between the Tropics of Capricorn to Cancer – it was important to “fill in” light in the darker areas,” says Andrea El Osta.

Speaking of the design intent, vis-a-vis Lighting controls, she says they were of paramount importance in creating atmospheres that varied from day to night – ranging from social eating experiences to the moment when the sky darkens. “Lighting was intuitively controlled – fixture by fixture to create the mood and intent that the client was expecting. Moving from brighter functional environments, allowing patrons’ eyes to adjust from dark to light and vice versa – to contrasting fine-dining atmospheres was a challenge. Sixteen–hour commissioning exercises were important to ensure as patrons moved from one space to another, and as daylight faded, the atmosphere created was exactly as designed. Moody by night, cheerful by day, but always social at the bars. This was one of the few projects where dimming to 1% was key!” she elaborates.

In come the experts

Creation and LightFunc have teamed up on several occasions in the past to deliver optimum lighting solutions for a whole host of clients. LIghtFunc’s technical plan and TeamCreation’s experience in designing and commissioning lighting controls have once again created a unique magic that has patrons soaking in the ambience of Ria’s laid-back casual elegance.

“As always working with Creation Gulf was fruitful & smooth,” reveals Andrea El Osta. “Once our lighting design for the space was final, we developed with their team the way the interface will work for the client. The lighting design intent was conveyed through a detailed descriptive script and zoning plans to the Creation Gulf engineering team in charge of specifying & installing the control system. They certainly stepped in and embraced the coordination side of things, ensuring a fully flexible system was designed. Beautiful scenes & different moods were the results of long nights of testing & commissioning before handing over the project – and all with good spirit, may we add.”

Setting up Controls

Once Creation Gulf received the lighting design intent, TeamCreation set about the task of supplying, testing and commissioning the Light Control System. Creation Gulf selected Lutron’s Athena’s system to allow for seamless controls in all areas of the beachside outlet.

For the uninitiated, the Athena Edge processor provides control and communication to Athena system components. The Ethernet links allow communication to the Athena designer software, integration with third-party systems, and communication between multiple processors. The Athena system brings switching, dimming, motorized window shades, LED drivers, and smart sensors together under one roof.

“Athena makes light control and dimming easy and flexible and the app allows the client to edit scenes on the go and save them for later. ,” explains Creation Gulf MD, Mr. Dharmendra Patel.

For Ria Beachfront Bar and Restaurant, it is excellent design intent, superb craftsmanship and technical skills coupled with professional coordination and execution that have delivered enviable results. Once more, Team LightFunc and TeamCreation have demonstrated the power of light design in crafting cosy environments.

Define ‘Whom’ the lights will shine for!

’It is imperative to be clear about your target clientele when you plan to light for any restaurant. Will your customers be businessmen, romantic couples or large families? This will in turn help you to create a union between the design( both interiors and lighting design) and functionality with the aesthetic needs of the customer that can ensure the success of your restaurant.

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