Lighting takes centre-stage!

Lighting takes centre-stage!

September 2021,

This year Creation takes its place at Light Middle East 2021, at Hall 3, Stand D-26 as the “Integrated Solutions Partner”. Light Middle East is the region’s premier exhibition and conference for lighting design and technology that will run through September 28th-30th, 2021. 

A key event in this 2021 edition is the THINKLIGHT Forum, where industry stalwarts will reflect on the evolution of the business in the wake of a post pandemic world. The build-up of the buzz is quite palpable, especially since the show was cancelled in 2020. And also because beyond Dubai new markets are opening up. Trillions worth of new projects are in the pipeline around the region. This year, the Light Show will expand new opportunities as regional demand for lighting products and solutions is poised to grow. Among growth verticals, experts expect that retrofit, healthcare and media facades should take the lead.

However, what will take centre stage are the stories from UAE-based lighting suppliers and international manufacturers on how they have survived, and in some cases even thrived, in a pandemic-affected 2020

Lighting takes centre-stage!

Celebrating the best in lighting design

Each year, Creation’s participation at the Light Middle East demonstrates its commitment to the industry by fanning budding talent through sponsoring events that give them an opportunity to showcase their talents.

As the “Integrated Solutions Partner” for Light Middle East 2021 held from 28 – 30 September, 2021 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, Creation will sponsor the award for “Best Newcomer(Design Practice)” in a bid to support upcoming local talents in lighting design.

The Light Middle East Awards aims to recognize excellence in lighting design and applaud the businesses that take action and make a real difference to the industry. The Best Newcomer (Design Practice) award is given to an independent lighting designer or a newly launched studio that has worked on exciting projects (completed or in progress) whose lighting design expresses the characteristics of light, demonstrates excellence and raises the standard of the profession.

Creation’s top brands to showcase at Light Middle East 2021

Eleven leading brands in lighting and automation controls will be showcasing their solutions at the Creation Gulf stand at Light Middle East 2021. Spanning across Europe, UK, USA and India, they stand testimony to Creation’s commitment to quality. 


Entering the next century with a BIG BANG!
Finnish brand Helvar which celebrates its centennial this year, is sponsoring the IoT and Intelligent Lighting Conference at THINKLIGHT Forum alongside Creation which will have leading keynotes offer a window into some fascinating visions of the future. The event is slated to be one of 100 events through 2021 that Helvar is hosting to mark its 100 years of existence.

Light Middle East 2021, will be the perfect place to launch Helvar’s next gen New DALI-2 Flagship Imagine Solution in the region.

Set to take the lighting world into the next century is Helvar’s flagship 950 Router-a certified DALI-2 multi-master application controller. The router is the world’s leading intelligent lighting control and management solution. It brings well-being and intelligence into a space, offering efficiency and scalability for a wide variety of applications.


UK based Pharos Architectural Controls creates highly versatile, dynamic lighting control solutions for architecture, themed entertainment, and other specialist industries. Its award-winning control products are prolifically installed across the globe; running day and night illuminating international landmarks, Grade A listed buildings, stadiums, shopping malls, private residences, art installations, airports and iconic theme parks, to name a few. They are all geared to offer cloud-based lighting control systems to our clients. This is going to change the world of lighting controls and we are extremely excited to introduce the myriad benefits this offers to our new and existing clients.

Mode Lighting

Creation has represented UK based Mode Lighting in the Middle East for over 12 years. Mode Lighting manufactures electronic control systems and dimming components mainly for the commercial and residential lighting industry. They provide support in the implementation of lighting controls, LED drivers and components. Their services range from the selection, design and development of lighting control solutions to the specification of LED drivers, low voltage transformers and cold cathode convertors. The eDIN+ app from Mode lighting is the easiest way to control your lighting and provides simple scene selection and adjustment from your iOS or Android device.


Installing sensors is the simplest way to conserve energy. Light and motion sensors are perfect assistants to have in order to reduce energy consumption. Danlers R & D team develop next gen products in an industry that is undergoing rapid change due to the influx of LED lighting and digital technology.

All Danlers energy saving products are designed by their in-house team, from complex electronic circuitry, to the aesthetics and ergonomics of designing easy to install products, suitable for both the commercial and domestic market.

The brand offers a range of trend setting sensors that detect motion, light, heat and sound. Apparel Group office & warehouse at Jebel Ali and Carrier Regional Office, Dubai implement Danlers Sensors for their Energy conservation requirements.


Casambi offers the most robust, cost effective and future proof wireless lighting control systems. It collaborates with a vast number of leading luminaire, driver, LED board, LED lamp and lighting control module manufacturers called “Casambi partners” and Casambi’s native products partner products are fully compatible with one another. Thus, Casambi is the core of an entire ecosystem of products

Today the Casambi ecosystem contains nearly 300 Casambi ready products and thousands of Casambi ready luminaires. The Casambi lighting control solution provides for all the control options that are expected from a full-featured professional lighting control solution.

Creation Gulf to display Guest Room Management Solutions from Honeywell


Inncom by Honeywell

The INNCOM guest room management system by Honeywell is designed to provide fully integrated applications for temperature and humidity control, energy management, lighting control, drape control, on-line electronic lock control, guest (end-user) interfaces and operating enhancements for housekeeping, security, operations and management staff. From a doorbell and notification system which discreetly notifies staff of ‘Make Up Room’ or ‘Privacy’ requests, to mini-bar status reporting, INNCOM’s industry-leading technology helps to create a whole new guest experience. The intelligent use of both INNCOM drivers and third-party software products can increase the quality, reliability and productive use of INNCOM solutions.

Five leading lighting brands to showcase their latest products


Founded in 2010, Enigma Lighting has firmly established itself as one of Europe’s leading lighting solutions providers, supplying a wide range of light fittings and lighting equipment. It produces extensive collections of well-engineered and competitively priced LED light sources, designed for the retail, workplace and leisure markets. Their central Manchester showroom and design studio can assist from design concept to completion for a full spectrum of projects, providing visually pleasing lighting solutions.

Lamp 83

Leading Turkish brand Lamp 83 is a leading manufacturer of LED luminaires and lighting solutions. This 50 year old company produces 1,000,000 items a year out of its Istanbul factory that reach over 25 countries worldwide. It’s products offer solutions for Offices,Stores, hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Centres and much more.

Regionally, Lamp 83 has carved a niche for itself as a brand that offers excellent value and its popularity continues to grow.

Ruco Licht

German brand RUCO has produced luminaires and light systems for retail, architecture and project (non-residential building) lighting. RUCO began offering LED technology at an early stage. As a brand, they are keenly committed to sustainability and energy efficiency.

Associated with providing lighting solutions that are both aesthetic as well as functionally brilliant, Ruco can also offer Customized lighting solutions to suit the project requirements.


In 1977, K-LITE began a long journey of innovation in lighting products, chasing the dream of light. For 40 years K-LITE has stood for innovation and sustainable development in the lighting industry. K-Lite’s range for external lighting is quite diverse and includes Pole Light, Uplights, Underwater Lights, Bollards and much more. K-Lite’s smart pole- a key component in their infra-structure lighting product range has an integrated CCTV, speaker systems, IoT and EV charging points.


Based out of the UK, LED Troniks offers a full range of high quality lighting solutions. In addition to their standard products, Ledtroniks are very experienced in creating fully customised lighting solutions, through all stages of development – concept, initial designs, prototyping, testing and production. Ledtroniks take great pride in paying attention to the smallest details while making each of its fixtures.

Retail detail

Good lighting in a store determines the way a customer thinks and interprets the space around them and the way they move forward and explore products. Lighting allows retailers to direct the customer towards certain products, or along particular paths. Good lighting puts you in control of the shopping experience, and maximises your success rate.
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