The Circle of Light

The Circle of Light

August 2021,

Creation’s association with Lamp 83 spans well over seven years. This 50 year old Turkish brand supplies integrated lighting systems to over 60 countries. Lamp 83 designs and produces unique, high-tech, energy-efficient and environment friendly lighting systems that befit its ‘Light is Life’ philosophy.

Offering next-gen lighting technologies, Lamp 83 products use robotic and numerically controlled applications and technologies in all operations starting from design to final production. The company manufactures over 1 million light devices every year which are shipped out to over 60 countries worldwide.

Creation has successfully installed Lamp 83’s light fixtures at a variety of retail, commercial and hospitality projects in the region. As partners, we have discovered that their commitment to innovation, design and service excellence is what helps us take their message of human centric design across the region. And all our clients have lauded the value to investment ratio when they have used the brand!


Lamp 83‘s latest launch the ‘Magic Circle’ is a minimalist, intelligent, and adaptable light fitting. It is simple and versatile enough to work both as a decorative and an architectural element for various combinations of outputs and diameters.

Designed to enter the realm of a classic, the Magic Circle can work its charm within any space – be it a retail, office or residential. The main features of the Magic Circle are as under:

  1. It is available in 40 cm, 80 cm or 120 cm diameter sizes. You may use a single, double or triple layer to create the desired effect.
  2. You can adjust the mounting angle either vertically or horizontally.
  3. Two different mounting options as recessed base and surface mounted base.
  4. Class A+ efficient & L 80 50.000 hours LED power, 40W, 70W or 100W LED lumen output as 4000 lm, 7000 lm or 10,000 lm.
  5. Exclusive designed silicone diffuser to provide perfect light control.
  6. CCT light color temperature adjustable between 2700K and 6500K SDCM 3 Suitable for Human Centric Lighting (HCL) concept.

Besides its versatility, the Magic Circle is designed as a Human Centric Lighting solution. Being able to see is a miracle of evolution. Light satisfies not only visual demands, it always has an emotional and biological impact on humans as well. The right control of light at the right time stimulates us, calms us, improves our performance or affects our decisions, positively or negatively. We need the right light at the right time for our daily activities. 

Basically, Human Centric Lighting is all about supporting people with the right artificial light at the right time to enhance physical comfort thus bolstering visual, biological and psychological well-being.

Your Home-Office Lighting

Instead of direct overhead lights, opt for an arrangement to diffuse the ambient light that will illuminate your office space. Set up dedicated task lighting for each workstation such as filing area, computer desk area etc. Optimally choose the location of the light source to avoid glare and unintended shadows. Whenever possible, make use of natural light coming from a window or skylight. However, you would need to consider varying levels of brightness during the day.
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